As Australians, we love to live on the coastal fringes of our giant southern island continent. All of our major cities are girt by sea; and we reward the materially successful among us with coastal living: blue ocean views. There is something about balconies and expanses of window which overlook vast expanses of ocean. The changing colours of water in different light at the various times of the day reflect the rhapsody that is life on planet earth. People who live by the sea cannot understand how their neighbours can live inland, removed from the magnetic power of the ocean blue.

Coastal Inhabitants Can Watch the Endless Parade

The dazzling white caps on the bluest ocean, when the swells are up, are like dancing points of light in some quantum experiment. Coastal inhabitants can watch the endless parade, as the waves rhythmically engage with each other and seagulls fly perilously close in search of something to eat. Nature provides the entertainment for the man and woman who live by the sea. Perhaps, the power of the sea to mesmerise us human beings comes from the fact that our descendants journeyed here from across vast waters. We may have yearnings deep within our DNA to return to the homelands of our ancestors.

Coastal Living is Where Property Prices Peak

Coastal living is where property prices peak around the cities of Australia. Many folks choose to renovate a dream home or business to ensure premium returns on their coastal location. Byron Bay councillors are preparing for dramatic coastal erosion, which may see million-dollar mansions fall into the sea. Will the inlanders have the last laugh in the debate about where to live in the land of Oz. Should we all stand on a mountain in preparation for a global warming tsunami?

Watching the Pulsing Perambulations of our Seas

Are we truly islanders in Australia? Do we gather around the shorelines of our monolith continent and carefully watch the pulsing perambulations of our seas? Do we take the mood of the moment by our gazing glances upon the wide blue yonder? Are we ringed by great white sharks, who more than occasionally visit our beaches for a snack? Coastal living provides a safe harbour for these observations of nature in the luxurious comfort of our homes.  Oh, I do love to live by the sea side, oh, I do love to live by the sea.