The enduring power of our oceans and our close relationship to the seas, place humankind in a symbiotic dynamic with the salt water world. There is a well-known healing ability inherent within the waters of our oceans. Contact with salt water can offer a natural topical solution for skin problems like psoriasis for some. You can have, of course, too much of a good thing, and this can result in ulcerations. The ancients knew that a dip in the ocean after battle or some other challenging exertion could speed up the body’s healing abilities. Salt water healing: Natural power of the sea is calling out like the sirens of old to those who would listen.

The Magic Salt Water Healing Balm

Football teams like the AFL’s Sydney Swans have always spent time in the ocean on the Monday after the weekend’s game. Players tread water in the shallows of the sea to provide that magic healing balm inherent within salt water. Perhaps, it is that buoyancy which can aid the repair of tired and strained tendons, muscles and ligaments. The ocean can assist with things like back pain as well. Many healthcare practitioners who work in this field are aware of the healing power of being immersed in water and floating free.

We Must Preserve & Conserve the World’s Oceans

Swimming is recommended as rehabilitation for numerous conditions from asthma to ACL reconstructions. We may be the inventors of sophisticated pharmaceutical treatments for a myriad of diseases and illnesses, but the natural remedies are still, often, the best. Respecting the body’s own healing abilities is an important facet of medicine to be remembered. We must preserve and conserve the world’s oceans if we are to enjoy the many positive properties of our relationship with the sea.

Salt Water is a Great Healer

There is too much Sydney rubbish in the sea, as is the case with coastal waters around the globe. Real estate prices reflect the fact that living by the sea is a Sydney thing to do. However, environmental marine awareness is a sorely neglected area in Australia and elsewhere around the world. We are too selfish as a species and need to extend our social conscious out into the waters around us. Ecological understanding sees our place in the balance of life on this planet. Salt water is a great healer and we must protect this natural environment if we are to remain in harmony with it.