Wicked Fun in the Water

Water brings out the child in many of us. A dip in the pool invites silly behaviour with splashing and bombies. A swim in the ocean is cause for smiles and body surfing those waves into shore. Wicked fun in the water, also, stretches to high powered speed boats, water...

Salt Water Healing: Natural Power of the Sea

The enduring power of our oceans and our close relationship to the seas, place humankind in a symbiotic dynamic with the salt water world. There is a well-known healing ability inherent within the waters of our oceans. Contact with salt water can offer a natural...

Coastal Living: Blue Ocean Views

As Australians, we love to live on the coastal fringes of our giant southern island continent. All of our major cities are girt by sea; and we reward the materially successful among us with coastal living: blue ocean views. There is something about balconies and...

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